More projects than people to complete the work? Need specific skills to complete a project?

There are times when your business needs some skilled help on a temporary basis to help you meet a critical business milestone, roll out an important project or implement new functionality within your organization.

Why work with Capital Ridge to find you the temporary help that you need?

  • Whether it’s an individual or a team of people that you need, Capital Ridge specializes in finding companies the most skilled candidates available.
  • Capital Ridge has a large pool of candidates so you can choose the expert quickly and efficiently.
  • Capital Ridge has years of experience helping our clients find subject matter experts on a temporary basis for projects in software, hardware, operations and finance.


Capital Ridge recruiting services help you achieve quick wins and long-term success.

When it comes to the hiring process, making the right choice greatly impacts the success of your business. Hiring the wrong candidate is costly and results in increased turnover, dissatisfied clients and delays in achieving strategic company goals.

Capital Ridge gives you instant access to a vast network of skilled professionals so that you can make the best choice for hiring for permanent positions. We specialize in high tech and financial positions but can also find you the right candidate in a wide variety of sectors.

When working to place a candidate, we ensure that:

  • In-depth industry research is conducted.
  • The organization's culture and other critical issues related to the opening are taken into account beyond the basic skill requirements.
  • The highest potential candidates are identified, professionally approached and assessed against pre-determined criteria.
  • Only the best candidates are submitted without bombarding you with resumés.

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